Famous Islands In Puerto Rico

When it comes to vacations we want to spend our time to famous places especially when our favourite movie star went their or it becomes a place for shooting a movie. Even if the place is not well known, if it was featured in movies or shows we come to be interested in them and want to travel there. If the name of the country Puerto Rico does not yet appeal to you as travel destination then let this islands located their invite you.


Here are the lists and little description of famous islands in Puerto Rico.

  1. Palomino Island

Though it is a secluded island it has peaceful and crystal clear water.

2. Vieques Island

Award winning island due to its bioluminescent bay and perfect beauty.

3. Old San Juan

This island is considered the most well-known tourists destination in Puerto Rico and connected by a bridge to the main island of the country.

4. Isla De Culebra

Though it is a tiny island it’s where the one of the best world beach, Flamenco Beach, is located.


5. Mona Island

Where you can go without a passport and explore caves and coral reefs.5.

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