Tourist Attractions in Puerto Rico and Other Facts

Puerto Rico is made up of several tourist spots. Some of which we will mention here. Example, Camuy, which is home to the largest underground cave system.

Next up is Rincon, which is a surfing mecca. Maricao is considered a coffee country. Cabo Rojo is where you can find salt flats. Lajas, is an amazing Scuba wall diving place, Ponce is home to the largest carnaval. Cayey-Guavate, is home of the roasted pig lechon. Fajardo is where you can find the boating or marina capital.

Barceloneta is where you can find the black sand beaches, and Old San Juan is the location of the Spanish Colonial Forts. Rio Grande is the US’s only rainforest named El Yunque.

There is truly much to behold in this beautiful Caribbean paradise. Did you know that Puerto Rico is a US territory, and not a state, so it’s not allowed to file for bankruptcy like Detroit did.

It must either pay its debts or default on them. The island has balanced its budget–the first balanced budget in over 10 years–but that doesn’t mean its financial woes are over. The island’s population and economy are shrinking. Public companies, like the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), the commonwealth, and its municipalities are deep in debt.

The total public debt amounts to 70 billion dollars. 40% is the percentage of Puerto Rican debt that is public companies’ debt too. The PREPA debt amounts to 9 billion dollars.

19,000 dollars is the debt each Puerto Rican would owe based on bonds sold since 2004 if they were individually responsible.