What You Need To Know About Tourism in Puerto Rico

The most frequently searched items about Puerto Rico are about government, race, culture, perception and food. English speaking internet users are very confused about the Puerto Rican racial makeup, and both English and Spanish speaking internet users are very confused about Puerto Rico’s relationship to the United States and its form of government.

The most frequently asked questions in English are, Where is Puerto Rico, How are Puerto Ricans American Citizens, What is Puerto Rico, a country or a State, What is Puerto Rican ethnic background, How did Puerto Ricans migrate to the United States, What can Puerto Ricans vote for, What year did Puerto Rico become a US territory, How do Puerto Ricans eat, How did Puerto Ricans get to New York.

Those are just some of the many basic questions that people are confused about Puerto Ricans.

These results were obtained in a Puerto Rican Internet study designed and executed by the directory of Puerto Rico corp, an internet consulting company.

Now, let’s talk about tourism in Puerto Rico.

There are over 5 million visitors to Puerto Rico each year. And they spend over 3.4 billion annually.

The tourism industry represents 7-10% of Puerto Rico’s GDP.

The Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association or PRHTA represents 120 hotel members and restaurants, airlines and other online advertisement companies  and  businesses that serve the island’s tourism industry.

Puerto Rico is also home to 20 golf courses, and 270 miles of beaches. The Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park’s “El Monstruo” or the monster has been certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s longest zip line. Are you looking for a website for travel agency to process your visa?You can view here the process on how to apply for your visa, original site. This site will give you the information that you are looking for.

Looking back: History of Camping

Camping is one of the activities that cater to all age group. Families can go camping together or children go to commercial camping sites usually every summer when there are no classes. Camping sites are everywhere like in famous beaches, beautiful islands, accessible mountains, secured parks or simply outside one’s house like in the garden.  Camping in the beaches or islands can be in villas, cabin or in the designated camping sites. Looking back how did camping activity started and who started it?

Camping as a recreation was popularized first in the river of Thames in the UK and was first practiced by Thomas Holding. He himself develops camping tools and equipment based on his experiences. Later on many join him and camping enthusiast organization was formed until it grows in number. Influential and known persons have become the head of the organization. Camps were then established and opened to the public. As it became popular and cost effective many started to adopt camping rather than renting during their holidays.

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Now even if you are away from office or home enjoying camping activities you can find some ways to perform your work duties without worrying about if all is going well or not. Technology now has the power to help us be where we cannot be physically.

Top Five Famous Beaches in the U.S.

Beaches is one of God’s gift that can heal our troubled minds and open our hearts to new perspective. It can give us new strength to face the daily life’s challenges. It is a place that we can go or visit again and again. In the U.S. itself it is full of beautiful and mesmerizing beaches. Many people want to go to U.S. for vacation. If you are planning to go, here are the top five famous beaches located there.

  1. Cape Hatteras

It has different seasons, it has a lighthouse and well known for surfing.

  1. Coronado Beach in Coronado, California

A beach that literally sparkle because of the mineral mica included in its sand. You can stay in the nearby hotels or resorts. They do have shower rooms and bathrooms. Popular activities are surfing and boarding.

  1. Clearwater Beach in Clearwater, Florida

It is mixed area of residential and resorts. It is a place to do parasailing, boat tours, cruises, and jets ski rentals. They have shopping areas and restaurants.

  1. Siesta Beach on Florida’s Siesta Key

It has been awarded many times as the best beach because of its natural features.  Its sand is composed of 99% quartz unlike other beaches who are composed of pulverized corals, take a peek on this. The sand feels cool underfoot even on hot days and they are considered millions of years.

  1. Maui, Hawaii’s

Known for white sand beaches and called the Valley Isle. It has two season per year.

Take your pick and go for a vacation. These beaches are so beautiful that they cannot be recreated perfectly.

Tourist Attractions in Puerto Rico and Other Facts

Puerto Rico is made up of several tourist spots. Some of which we will mention here. Example, Camuy, which is home to the largest underground cave system.

Next up is Rincon, which is a surfing mecca. Maricao is considered a coffee country. Cabo Rojo is where you can find salt flats. Lajas, is an amazing Scuba wall diving place, Ponce is home to the largest carnaval. Cayey-Guavate, is home of the roasted pig lechon. Fajardo is where you can find the boating or marina capital.

Barceloneta is where you can find the black sand beaches, and Old San Juan is the location of the Spanish Colonial Forts. Rio Grande is the US’s only rainforest named El Yunque.

There is truly much to behold in this beautiful Caribbean paradise. Did you know that Puerto Rico is a US territory, and not a state, so it’s not allowed to file for bankruptcy like Detroit did.

It must either pay its debts or default on them. The island has balanced its budget–the first balanced budget in over 10 years–but that doesn’t mean its financial woes are over. The island’s population and economy are shrinking. Public companies, like the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), the commonwealth, and its municipalities are deep in debt.

The total public debt amounts to 70 billion dollars. 40% is the percentage of Puerto Rican debt that is public companies’ debt too. The PREPA debt amounts to 9 billion dollars.

19,000 dollars is the debt each Puerto Rican would owe based on bonds sold since 2004 if they were individually responsible.

Famous camping sites in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is home of many beautiful and famous beaches that offers great camp sites. They are as astonishing and full of fun to visit. Here are some of the lists recommended for you to try on your next vacation time.

  1. Seven Seas Beach

Camping here requires permit. It has appointed opening and closing time. It’s well-known to tourists and locals.

2. Tres hermanos national park
In this park you can choose camping in villas, cabins or pitch a tent. They have swimming pool, beach volleyball courts and basketball courts.


3. Flamenco beach

It was used before as military training camp and that explains the presence of American tanks. The sand in this beach is soft and water is peaceful and clear. It was labelled one of the most perfect beaches in the world. It’s a great camping site being surrounded by lush palm trees and mountains with coral reefs close to the shore.

4. The Toro Negro Mountain Reserve

You need rental car to get here and reservations first is needed. You can enjoy camping and hiking here.

5. Aguirre Forest.

They have very nice camping area even though it is near the street as it is located within the forest. They offer modern facilities like gazebos where you can imagine your own 會議桌 and do some quick work.

When you are in Puerto Rico you cannot resist not to try camping. It is a great adventure exploring what the nature can offer. You can even choose to pitch tent or rent cabins or villas.


What are considered outdoor activities?

Children like to play outside the house very much whether weather is hot, cold, or freezing. Even though you prevent them many times but they still insists and escape just to play outside. Maybe they also feel how natural it is to be with nature. How very nice it is to play with the soil, sand or clay and mold or draw in them. They like going to park and being with the animals. Children imaginations are limitless and being with nature help them develop into responsible adults.

It’s not limited to children but adults have the need to go and explore the world outside. As such many outdoor activities are already known and practiced that you can just choose what you want and find interesting. Outdoor activities are limitless that it includes kayaking, snorkeling, mountain climbing, hiking, surfing or camping.The work of  casting or molding aluminum in a high pressure of a substance is the way to make it  into a good shape. This is what you called in simple term aluminum permanent mold. This work needed a hardwork and effort to make it perfect.

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Guide to Packing for a Camping Trip

Preparation is the most important for every activity that we want and need to do. Going for a camping trip without preparation can lead to frustration and conflict if you’re with someone. Camping should be an enjoyable adventure as it is not easy especially if you are far from home. Then today let us give you some guide on what to pack for a camping trip. Things needed depends on where you will have camping, its weather, its location and time.

These are the basic items to bring during camping. Check and note what kind you should bring considering the one mentioned above.


A durable backpack, hiking boots and sacks, jackets, shirts, hats or bonnets, sleeping bags and tent.


Cooking and eating utensils, food, water, resealable plastic bags, reusable water bottle and  healthy snacks


Antibacterial wipes, soaps, lotions, brush, comb, insect repellent, mirror, toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste.


Watch, fully charge phone, camera, flashlight or lamp, and maps.



Even if it takes space you should try to engage in a digital marketing services in promoting your products. Today, it’s better to be prepared anytime Using internet to sell services. This will help you to be good in marketing your business online. If you’re not good in directions and you cannot trust your memory you should find directory guide office and let your maps or sketch be duplicated up to three copies or basing on the number of heads going to the camping to make sure you will not be lost on the way. Now you can dream your camping having prepared well.

Why you should visit Vieques Island

Travelling I think is one of the most fulfilling activity in a person’s life. We have many daily routine on our life that makes as busy. If you want to escape from them during vacation, travelling is one great adventure you should try. Travelling is considered luxury to others as sometimes it cost big amount of money. But once you experienced travelling you can’t avoid but dream for another one. My impression listening first time of the place Puerto Rico denotes a great and beautiful place.

I am not mistaken as it covers many enchanting and mesmerizing sceneries including bio luminescent beaches, resorts, natural rain forests and green mountains. I have found out reasons to plan now and get going to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is home to the famous Vieques Island. It has many activities it offers like kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, surfing, shopping, swimming, golfing, scuba diving, camping, hiking, boat tours and many more activities whether indoor or outdoor. You will not be bored as you can just choose any adventure you want to do.

Those who are not active in adventures can go shopping for anything you find interesting and useful, sightseeing in their beautiful landscapes or discovering and experiencing their native delicacies or modern cuisine that many restaurants offer. Shopping for clothes is one of the most part that females usually do when travelling. Most hotels offer laundry services but some people are sensitive in clothing and that they are particular in detergents that laundry shops are using and they even have understanding about 宏閩洗衣.

Great Camping Activities

What is considered great camping activities? I think it not how big it looks and complicated the procedure or rules but what is important is when the participants have enjoyed the activities set. Number and place of the event does not matter as long as participants have all had a great time.

I have found some great camping activities that I want to share. They are fun and easy to organize. Here they are:


There are many games you can do like basketball and volleyball or bingo and scrabble.


2. Campfire

It is the best way to feel you are in a campsite. You can share stories and have small games like pass the message.

3. Amazing race

You can make your own rules and regulations and you can design the sequence of each challenges they have to finish.

4. Talent portion

Any participants can volunteer to share their unique talents like fashion designing, or math tricks.

5. Cabin night

It means each cabin or group will decide what activity they will do as a group or cabin members.

6. Dance party

Dresses and coats are not required. You can dance freely as you want.

These are simple and meaningful camping activities that will help each participants to grow learning socialization, sharing, understanding and to care for others. It a great way to start and deepen friendship to other participants. Camping is a great way to refresh minds before daily life will again control people’s minds and actions.


Famous Islands In Puerto Rico

When it comes to vacations we want to spend our time to famous places especially when our favourite movie star went their or it becomes a place for shooting a movie. Even if the place is not well known, if it was featured in movies or shows we come to be interested in them and want to travel there. If the name of the country Puerto Rico does not yet appeal to you as travel destination then let this islands located their invite you.


Here are the lists and little description of famous islands in Puerto Rico.

  1. Palomino Island

Though it is a secluded island it has peaceful and crystal clear water.

2. Vieques Island

Award winning island due to its bioluminescent bay and perfect beauty.

3. Old San Juan

This island is considered the most well-known tourists destination in Puerto Rico and connected by a bridge to the main island of the country.

4. Isla De Culebra

Though it is a tiny island it’s where the one of the best world beach, Flamenco Beach, is located.


5. Mona Island

Where you can go without a passport and explore caves and coral reefs.5.

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