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Local Information Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Vieques the Adventure Island

sat photo puerto rico and vieques el Patio restaurant and biekes bistro owners

Vieques is the little long island east of PR. Owners of Biekes Bistro.
Slide show of the Beaches of Vieques

Carnival is coming in July, 2013/ Las Patronales van

Carnival, which had been previously cancelled by the Municipality, is now on for July 10-14, 2013./ Las Fiestas Patronales, previamente canceladas, ahora estan pautadas para el 10-14 de julio 2013.

Below: Jeep Rentals, Restaurants, more.....

Those of you you feel motivated to visit Vieques, see the biobay and leave! are missing out on the best little island in the Caribbean! Stay a few nights at least! There is more to see and do here, more beaches, more excursions, more fun than anywhere else!

The Roads of Vieques to explore by jeep:



Car Rentals: All Vieques numbers start with 787-741-

• Maritza - 0078
• Martineau Car Rental - 0087
• Vieques Car Rental - 1037
• Ocean View (near ferry dock). - 3696
• Acevedo Car Rental - 4380
• Chepito's - 8691
• Marcos Car Rental - 1388 ( a few cheap ones!)

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Vieques Island jeep rental

Recommended Taxi/Publicos:

• Sharon - 787- 944-4569 ( English speaker)
• Henry 787-741-8641 or cell. 787-380 1855
• Hilda 787- 486-0267 ( weekends and after 4 pm)

Bike Rentals:

Black Beards in Isabel II & Vieques Adventures in Esperanza ( 2 day minimum).

Biobay toursSnorkeling tours

Horses Roam FreeBeaches

• Archeological Sites ... VISIT THE the VCHT or Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust in Esperanza. A small shop and mini museum. T. 8850 . VCHT Website - The Vieques Conservation & Historical Trust is a non-profit organization founded in 1984. The organization is concerned with the protection of the unique archeological, physical and ecological environment existing on Vieques."

Explore eastern Puerto Rico.

All numbers start with 787- 741 -

• AA Help and information T. 8939

Bioluminescent BayBioluminescence

The Birds of Vieques is a monthly feature: July features the Wilsons' Plover, June featured the hummingbirds.

Ceiba Tree. Magnificent 300 year old tree and landmark.

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• Ecology • Coral ReefsMangrove Lagoons

• Ecology • The US Fish & Wildlife Reserve & Beaches

• Elenas' Travels in India Photos. Her personal collection of pictures taken while traveling.

Fossils that are 60 million years old.

Puerto Rico Government Agencies:

Gobierno de Puerto Rico
Departamento de Educacion
Departamento de Hacienda
Departamento de Estado
Departamento de Justicia
Departamento de Ayuda del Consumidor DACO
Departamento de Transportacion y Obras Publicas
Departamento del Trabajo y Recursos Humanos
US State Department
Comicion Estatal de Elecciones
Comisionado de Municipalidades
Oficina del Controlador
Autoridad de Energia Electrica
Administracion de Reglamentos y Permisos ARPE
Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena
Autoridad Metropolitana de Autobuses
Social Security Administration

• Fort and Museum 'Conde de Mirasol' T. 1717
Open Wednesday through Saturday. 10 AM to 4 PM.

• Lighthouse Mini Museum T. 0060 Open 7 days except holidays. 8 AM to 4 PM.

• Groceries: There are two main grocery stores on Vieques ( both owned by Morales brothers) and a collection of 'Colmados'. You can purchase anything here on Vieques, on occasion, but not everything all the time. Grocery store hours are 7 AM to 6 - 7 PM, half day on Sundays. Colmados stay open a little later. There is also a, very enterprising, fruit stand on the corner, past the town gas station.

• YERBA BUENA .. New Health Food Store is located in Isabel II around the corner from the post office

Horseback Riding

Paso Finos Shows are a big event in Vieques. Some History of Paso Finos and Puerto Rico. Weekends in Esperanza the streets are over run with everyone showing off on their horses.

How to get to and from Vieques Airlines, ferry and taxis.

Humane Society Animal adoption and Veterinary Clinic T. 0209

Isabel Segunda- The main town on Vieques: two banks, and one ATM at Banco Popular. The Post Office T. 3891, two drug stores, several restaurants, a few places to stay and some shops. Please note that Vieques is part of the US and uses the American dollar.

Check how much rain has fallen this week in Vieques.

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