The People of Vieques 'Youth Leadership Initiative'

Tito Auger, lead singer ( sponsor) with the YLI of Vieques kids

'Vieques Youth Leadership Initiative' shown here with a sponsor, singer Tito Auger.

"Making their Dreams Come True"

Imagine..."What could happen if we worked together with young people of Vieques to make their dreams come true... We could build a new Vieques , a new humanity to inspire the world. We invite you to share your time, talent and resources. MORE 'People of Vieques'

Iliana Cacho (sponsor) and Marianne Larned ( Director YLI)

Working for the betterment of their future lives, these youth participate in a non profit program called "Youth Leadership Initiative".... which is supported by local business partners and individuals who believe in opening doors and opportunities. The dynamic executive director, Marianne Larned has worked with children both here in Vieques and elsewhere. Tito Auger ( singer from San Juan) volunteers his time to visit Vieques often and work with the youth.

Participate in the future betterment of Vieques.. visit their website TO BE REVISED SOON! and see what they do!

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