Great Camping Activities

What is considered great camping activities? I think it not how big it looks and complicated the procedure or rules but what is important is when the participants have enjoyed the activities set. Number and place of the event does not matter as long as participants have all had a great time.

I have found some great camping activities that I want to share. They are fun and easy to organize. Here they are:


There are many games you can do like basketball and volleyball or bingo and scrabble.


2. Campfire

It is the best way to feel you are in a campsite. You can share stories and have small games like pass the message.

3. Amazing race

You can make your own rules and regulations and you can design the sequence of each challenges they have to finish.

4. Talent portion

Any participants can volunteer to share their unique talents like fashion designing, or math tricks.

5. Cabin night

It means each cabin or group will decide what activity they will do as a group or cabin members.

6. Dance party

Dresses and coats are not required. You can dance freely as you want.

These are simple and meaningful camping activities that will help each participants to grow learning socialization, sharing, understanding and to care for others. It a great way to start and deepen friendship to other participants. Camping is a great way to refresh minds before daily life will again control people’s minds and actions.