Famous camping sites in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is home of many beautiful and famous beaches that offers great camp sites. They are as astonishing and full of fun to visit. Here are some of the lists recommended for you to try on your next vacation time.

  1. Seven Seas Beach

Camping here requires permit. It has appointed opening and closing time. It’s well-known to tourists and locals.

2. Tres hermanos national park
In this park you can choose camping in villas, cabins or pitch a tent. They have swimming pool, beach volleyball courts and basketball courts.


3. Flamenco beach

It was used before as military training camp and that explains the presence of American tanks. The sand in this beach is soft and water is peaceful and clear. It was labelled one of the most perfect beaches in the world. It’s a great camping site being surrounded by lush palm trees and mountains with coral reefs close to the shore.

4. The Toro Negro Mountain Reserve

You need rental car to get here and reservations first is needed. You can enjoy camping and hiking here.

5. Aguirre Forest.

They have very nice camping area even though it is near the street as it is located within the forest. They offer modern facilities like gazebos where you can imagine your own 會議桌 and do some quick work.

When you are in Puerto Rico you cannot resist not to try camping. It is a great adventure exploring what the nature can offer. You can even choose to pitch tent or rent cabins or villas.