Looking back: History of Camping

Camping is one of the activities that cater to all age group. Families can go camping together or children go to commercial camping sites usually every summer when there are no classes. Camping sites are everywhere like in famous beaches, beautiful islands, accessible mountains, secured parks or simply outside one’s house like in the garden.  Camping in the beaches or islands can be in villas, cabin or in the designated camping sites. Looking back how did camping activity started and who started it?

Camping as a recreation was popularized first in the river of Thames in the UK and was first practiced by Thomas Holding. He himself develops camping tools and equipment based on his experiences. Later on many join him and camping enthusiast organization was formed until it grows in number. Influential and known persons have become the head of the organization. Camps were then established and opened to the public. As it became popular and cost effective many started to adopt camping rather than renting during their holidays.

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Now even if you are away from office or home enjoying camping activities you can find some ways to perform your work duties without worrying about if all is going well or not. Technology now has the power to help us be where we cannot be physically.