Travel photos: 'This is India' photos by Elena

Indian boys

These boys, who were truly wonderful, in northern India, 'supervised' our flat tire being fixed, by the side of the road. They actually seemed to know more than the gas station attendant and taxi driver put together, although finally a very old man walked by and actually fixed the tire! These boys must be men now, this photo was taken December, 1999.


Brama cows in India street
Photo: Elena

Why do these beautiful Bhrama cows lie peacefully in the middle of a busy street, completely undisturbed and totally avoided by traffic ?

One reason, is that is where they got tired and chose to lie down. The other reasons... I think one would have to live in India for several years to even begin to understand why. This photo was taken in Varanasi.

A doorway to a higher spirit, somewhere in India. Photo: Elena


Meher Baba Samadhi Tomb India

The Samadhi of Avatar Meher Baba in Meherabad, (town of Ahmednagar, state of Maharastra, India). There is a pilgrim center to stay in. Arti is sung mornings and evenings. There is no religion, everyone is welcome, easterners and westerners alike.

Ahmednagar is about a 2 hour taxi or bus ride east of Poona. Reservations for the pilgrim center must be made in advance, but there is always some room, some where. See their reservations website, the pilgrim center is closed during the hottest months.

The Samadhi ( Tomb) is open year round, 6 am to about 7 pm.

Meher Baba Trust reservations