Vieques Island Map / Aerial View


Right side of Vieques, and the left side, is now US Fish & Wildlife Reserve.

Above and below. Satellite photos of Vieques Island. Both the eastern and western halves of the island were US military bases. The military has pulled out of Vieques and the eastern half is now a wildlife refuge. The western third is also wildlife refuges and the center quarter is inhabited, although not densely. There are almost 10,000 inhabitants on Vieques.

Puerto Rico with Vieques lower right.. Satellite photo courtesy NASA
This is a NASA satellite photo showing Puerto Rico with Vieques in the lower right hand and Culebra just to the right. Vieques is the long narrow island.


• Aerial Photo of the town of Isabel Segunda and Vieques

Road Map of Vieques.

Western end of Vieques. Green Beach is at the top left,
Kiani Lagoon a little to the right.

• Aerial photo of the Eastern end of Vieques.

• Aerial Photo of the Anchorage at Ensenada Honda.

US Fish & Wildlife Beaches on the south east side of Vieques.

Above is a link you can copy and paste into the URL line to get to MSN Terraserver and see Vieques Island. Once there, you can zoom in and out. Find your house, or favorite beach!





• 1. Playa Grande BEACHES
• 2. Cayo Afuera
By Boat only
3. Sun Bay 11. Fanduca
4. Media Luna 12. by Sail only
5. Navio calm North Coast Beaches
• 5. Navio storm 13. 'Gringo Beach'
• 5. Navio path Western Reserves
• 6. Novillo • 14. Rompeolas
Eastern Fish & Wildlife Reserve • 14 - 15. Starfish Beach
7. Hidden Beach • 15. Green Beach
9. Bahia de la Chiva South Coast beachmap
• 10. Playa de la Plata